MyHome Mobile App

With the Control4 MyHome app, you can control anything within the home from your favorite device: Adjust the thermostat from your smartphone, change TV channels from your tablet, shut off lights and arm the security system from your laptop. It’s up to you.

Add a 4Sight subscription, and you can have access to your home—even when you’re not there. As long as you have a data connection, you’re in control of your smart home. We call it “Anywhere Access.”

4Sight with anywhere access mobile app myhome

Home Control, Anywhere

One of the appealing features of a Control4 home automation system is that you can control just about anything from anywhere using the MyHome app. This is standard behavior with a Control4 system right out of the box.

But with Control4 and a 4Sight subscription with Anywhere Access, you can do all this and more—even when you’re not at home. That phone in your pocket becomes a remote that works from just about anywhere. As long as you have a data connection, you’re in control of your smart home.

4Sight with anywhere access mobile app myhome

Check In, Check Up

Do you really need to turn on a television in Tacoma while you’re vacationing in Tahiti? Maybe not. But the ability to control anything in your house can be invaluable. Your dealer can configure your system to enable you to manage and monitor security systems, and even disable your alarm and unlock the front door if a family member needs to get inside. You’ll be able to change your home’s “mode” from afar to reduce energy consumption, or adjust the thermostat from the airport so your house is at a comfortable temperature when you arrive at home. You can run “mockupancy” sequences to fool burglars into thinking someone’s at home.

Web-enabled smartphones have given you the world at your fingertips, 24/7. Now that world can include your house and everything in it. It’s a natural expectation, and it’s a reality today.