Imagine Having a Single Remote That Will:

  • Control your home theater
  • Dim the lights as the opening credits roll
  • Turn off all your TVs when your kids should be doing homework
  • Alert you that the garage door is open…and then close it
  • Manage your lights, window coverings, and thermostats
  • Monitor your locks, lighting, and security cameras
  • Allow you to play music in any room of the house

Automate offers a complete line of home-automation products that makes sophisticated home-control solutions practical and affordable for every home. With Control4, everything works better because it works together – home theater, multi-room music, lighting, temperature, safety and security systems – are all controlled by a single platform.

We can install full-featured, practical, and reliable home-automation systems that are easy to use and at a price that fits into your budget. Our scalable designs also mean that it’s not an all-or-nothing choice—you can start with a basic system and upgrade over time with solutions that fit your evolving lifestyle.

Home Theatre

home theater automation
Control4 simplifies the control of audio, video, and home-theater components, eliminating the need for multiple remotes.

Multi-Room Music

audio video automation
Enjoy digital music collections – like XM or Sirius, Rhapsody or your personal iPod library – from anywhere in your home.

Smart Lighting

home lighting automation
Control lighting using timers, motion sensors, and dimmers to create interior ambiance, enhance security, and reduce energy costs.

Climate Control

climate control automation
With Control4, help conserve energy and ensure comfort with pre-programmed temperature controls.

Safety and Security

safety automation
Integrate a security system to monitor your home and family from virtually anywhere in the world.

Do More

smart home automation
Integrate a wide range of products including door locks, window shades, pool controllers, appliance monitors and much more. If you can imagine a way that home-control would make your life easier, we can probably make it happen!

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