There are two aspects to communication in smart homes. The first is the ability for you and the members of your household to communicate with each other, and with anyone who may come to visit. The second is the ability of the home itself to communicate with you—to give you information you generally need right away.

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Keep Everyone Talking

Whether you live in a modest apartment or a 30-room mansion, at some time or another you’re going to have to communicate with someone in another room. The obvious solution is an intercom system using Control4’s In-Wall and Portable Touch Screens. Both products allow direct room-to-room communication with both audio and video. Audio-only communication is enabled with both the 5-inch and 7-inch In-Wall Touch Screens. Your dealer can extend the reach of your video intercom system with a Control4 Exterior Door Station. This doorbell-camera-microphone combination allows you to see and talk to whoever is at the door, without them being able to see you.

whole home communication intercom announcements


For example, the announcement system built right into Control4 controllers allows you to display a message on every TV and touch screen, and play alert sounds over every speaker. They can be triggered directly within the Control4 interface—with “Come to Dinner!” or “Time to Leave!” buttons, for example—or they can be scheduled and automatic, such as a “Good Morning” message that includes the daily forecast and current traffic conditions. These messages and announcements are fully customizable, and can happen at different times in different rooms, and on specific days of the week.

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What Your House Can Tell You

The flip side of communication involves setting up your house to tell you things. Because whole-home communication is built right into every Control4 system, your dealer can configure your house to keep you informed about the things that matter most. If a moisture sensor detects a water leak in the basement, or if your garage door is left open past 10pm, wouldn’t you want to know? What if your teenaged daughter comes in after curfew? Anything that can be monitored can trigger an alert, and the alerts can come in the form of an email, a text message or an announcement that displays on every screen in the house. Total communication isn’t the future—it’s the status quo with a Control4 smart home.