Whether you’re a casual radio listener or a hardcore audiophile, music is the soundtrack of your life. But even the most sophisticated stereo systems can get neglected in favor of other options that are more portable and easier to use. The goal of Control4 is to integrate your entire audio experience so you can listen to whatever you want, no matter where you are in your home.

whole home audio systems

Audio From Any Source

It’s likely that each member of your family has different musical tastes. You probably also have several music sources for the audio each of you prefers. Maybe Dad prefers streaming talk radio, while Mom likes to choose from her private collection of classical music. Your teenage daughter may want to listen exclusively to the pop songs she has loaded onto her iPhone.

Whether you’re in the mood for streaming audio or something from networked or portable media, Control4 can accommodate you. And you can change your mind as often as you like. You can even move from room to room and have your music follow you there.

whole home audio systems

Music In Every Room

The key to a powerful music distribution system is a multi-zone Control4 amplifier. Depending on the size of the installation, you may go with a 4- or 8-Zone Amplifier, or a combination of multiple amps to take care of all the audio zones. If you have speaker wires already run to all your rooms, you’re ahead of the game. If not, you can stream over your wired or wireless home network via Ethernet or WiFi Speaker Points. And that’s not even limited to inside spaces. You can add outdoor entertaining areas and extend the reach of your music selections to the patio and even the pool!

outdoor audio systems

Music For All Your Moods

Your music can even tie into the lighting moods (or “scenes”) and scheduled events that happen as a result of your home automation programming. Maybe you like to wake up gently to a certain playlist, with both the music volume and lighting gradually increasing over a span of several minutes. Perhaps you like to hear the day’s news headlines as you walk through the door every evening. Or maybe you like to put the baby to sleep as the music gradually fades to silence. It’s difficult to overstate the impact that total audio control can have on your lifestyle.

The bottom line is that with Control4, you’ll enjoy a listening experience that transcends devices, sources, locations and playlists.